People Who Thrive at SMB

We are a P&L trading desk. Those who do best, love to study trading. Top traders continually seek to grow as traders, no matter how successful.

Let me offer an example from our trading desk. If you net one million in trading profits for the year, you earn a Green Shirt. If you net two million in trading profits for the year, you earn a Black Shirt. A recent Black Shirt producer wrote in his Goals for the Year:

Bigger picture, I am also thinking about making the incremental steps to become a 10-million-dollars-a-year trader.  

Top traders are always working to become better.

It takes time to become a high performing trader. Those who embrace the very real learning curve and do the study necessary to become a consistently profitable trader do best.

We have studied the top traders on our desk and look to hire those who remind us of our top traders.  

In full transparency, we receive thousands of resumes for a handful of seats on our desk. Working at our firm is very competitive. If you want to learn and train to become a professional trader, and believe you can become the next great firm trader, we would love to meet you.