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People Who Thrive at SMB

We are looking for those with a passion for trading.  Intrinsic motivation, or the ability to sustain your energy while training, is a key element in your success.  Two questions we often ask are: Are you trading (even paper trading or a small account)? What trading periodicals do you read daily?  You will do best at what you are most passionate.

Along with passion, we have developed a recruiting matrix for future traders.  Competitiveness, patience, resilience, persistence, calm, a growth mindset are some characteristics that personify an excellent trader.  If this describes you then we would love to meet you.

We receive literally thousands of resumes for a handful of spots.  Working at SMB Capital is very competitive.  But we are always looking for the next great traders on the Street.  If you believe you have what it takes to succeed as a trader,  then please explore the following links on the left  to learn more and apply.  SMB Capital is part of the KERSHNER Trading Group.