SMB Webinars

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SMB holds video review sessions where we analyze the trading of those on our desk. Traders record their screens and then present videos of their trades in our conference room. We have video review sessions with our traders after the market close throughout the week and occasionally we hold weekend sessions for the benefit of our traders.

For our One Good Trade (OGT) review sessions our traders produce trading videos of selected trades. They present these trades to our desk where the partners and our senior traders critique the trade. This allows our new and experienced traders to learn what others are trading and offers our senior traders the opportunity to highlight what the presenting trader is doing well and what they need to do better. Please take a moment to view some samples of SMB Webinars.

New traders need to see more market patterns. Watching video increases exposure to different market patterns. New traders need guidance about their actual trades. We can sit in a conference room and talk about hypothetical trading setups, but it is best to talk specifically about trades actually executed. When you begin, your goal will be to get better everyday. Watching video of your trades and the trading of others will help you improve.