Trading Drills and Quizzes

SMB developed Trading Drills and Quizzes for our new traders. There is a reason why professional teams scrimmage. Like a professional athlete, traders must practice under game like conditions. You cannot just read some trading materials and then jump into the trading arena. You must drill on the trading skills necessary to compete in today's market.

For example, as an intraday trader you must learn how to use a stock's corresponding futures as an indicator. Reading one of our written lectures is not enough. Reading one of our written lectures, listening to our audio lecture, and watching the videos we have prepared on this subject are not enough to master this skill. You must also drill on using the corresponding futures as an indicator for your stock under simulated trading conditions. You need to practice using this indicator while you are trading.

And so we have designed detailed trading drills so that you master this skill. There are many other drills inside The SMB Edge that will help you develop the trading skills necessary to become a consistently profitable trader.