Prop Trader Training Program

SMB Capital is excited to offer a new and unique opportunity for new and developing traders to be a part of our Prop Trader Training Program.

We are offering a comprehensive training program for new intraday equities traders and a clear career path. Recently, we created an extended training program to create a clear career path for new traders from entry level trader to Senior Muliti-product Trader. New traders will train with dedicated teachers and experienced intraday traders recognized throughout our industry.

What is your career path?  New traders will spend two years training and trading,developing essential trading skills and building a trading playbook that makes the most sense to them. Then the best traders after two years will have the opportunity to further their training and trade a bigger book. During this next career phase, traders will trade with more size and further develop their technical analysis and risk management skills. The best traders from here will be offered the chance to work with our systems training coach, Rick Martin, and build trading models to supplement their trading.  The best from this group will be offered other products to trade, such as Options and FX. 

This is a unique opportunity for those with a passion for trading to receive training from and then trade with experienced pro traders.  This training program was developed by Mike Bellafiore, author of the "trading classic" One Good Trade.  SMB has been recognized for its outstanding training, even invited to train prop traders at other desks throughout the world. The partners in this world-class training program are widely sought out by financial and news media for their expertise. Participating partners and senior traders have appeared on CNBC, CNNMoney, and StockTwitsTV, and been cited in, SFO Magazine, Financial Times and several other publications.  


We are looking for individuals with the following characteristics:

-Passion for the Markets

-Demonstrable History of Success



-Controls Emotions

-Great teammate



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