Experienced Traders

SMB Capital, a recognized proprietary trading desk based in Manhattan, and Kershner Trading Group (Austin, Texas and New York City), have teamed to create a joint venture for a new trading office in Midtown Manhattan. Our synergy between traders and technologists, along with an infrastructure of education, coaching, and mentoring, will help you to capitalize on your best short-term trading ideas. Our trading platform, Gr8trade, is exclusive to our traders, and it is supplemented with Insight, powered by 1500+ existing scans and the ability to build your own custom filters. Quant support and proprietary technology will also allow you to build automated strategies. This is your opportunity to become your best trader.

We are looking for:

·         Experienced traders with solid track records who wish to be funded

·         Auto traders who have algorithmic models that need backing

We offer:

  • ·         Proprietary trading technology that gives you an edge
  • ·         Discretionary bionictrading (custom filters and exit management tools)
  • ·         Quant support so that you can build auto strategies
  • ·         Access to significant capital
  • ·         We take all downside trading risk
  • ·         Trade your own ideas
  • ·         Education, coaching, and mentoring from our leading traders so you learn to express your best trades in all trading products
  • ·         Equities, options, futures, and forex
  • ·         Low transaction costs so you can employ more strategies
  • ·         Competitive payout structure
  • ·         Remote and in-house trading


If you’re looking for a trading partner, and wish to join a culture of sharing and performance, please tell us more about you here.